Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Full render Pulling Man

full render pulling from Alexandra Raineri on Vimeo.


Willem Wynand said...

haha AWSOME =) you finished him, think he culd use a bit more emotion though eh? and maybe get him putting both feel on the pole and pulling lol classic looney tunes =) or MGM ither lol anyway i aprove =) good work

Cassie said...

Just remember not to stretch out your ik joints out to far. And I would of given him more movement in the head, as in the head rises up to look above head hieght before he starts pulling and his head then looks down, then I would do overlap so the head has to squash against the body on the extreme of the pull.

Nice work for your first EAP.:)

Alexandra Raineri said...

hey guys thanx for the info :).
i think i will revist this one again so i can put it in my show real for the end of year.

Ian said...

Alex this is tops! Easily the best I've seen you do.

Just between you and me i wouldn't even worry about the constructive criticism provided by your dear class mates here (sorry guys), this is a case where pulling thos IK limbs out straights seems fine to me, and I'd say there is plenty of emotion in the movement (maybe Willem meant in the facial expressions in which case he may have a point).

I'd like so see a resolution to the situation, ask your teachers if you can do one last pull where his hands come off the pole and he flies back and lands on the ground, and call it another eap.

good good good. MORE!